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Tailored Solutions

The intuitive team at Depot IT is experienced in a range of key IT areas. We are available to discuss your needs and begin tailoring a solution for your business. To find out how, please select one of the following:

 IT Consulting

 Web Site Design

IT Consulting

The team at Depot IT has over 30 years of experience with Microsoft based systems and more than 12 years of experience with Linux/Unix based systems. From small business to Corporate, our comprehensive technical knowledge base results from providing IT support in a range of business environments. This knowledge base, combined with over 10 years experience providing Internet connectivity and solutions, enables us to provide a customer focus, matching computing solutions to business needs.

We provide our IT Consulting services on an As-Needed basis or with a Support Contract.

As-Needed Support

As-Needed Support is provided when it's time to upgrade your systems, install new software or your server has just crashed. We will analyse the situation, discuss your needs, develop a plan of attack, implement the solution, and follow up after completion.

Support Contract

Take advantage of the consistency of a support contract with set hours for desktop IT support and local area network (LAN) maintenance. With a support contract you get service at a set time on a regular basis. Regular onsite service and support provides benefits such as:

  • Consistency - the same person onsite each week,

  • Planning - setting a direction and goal to reduce IT costs, work can be performed to improve the reliability of all PC's and the network.

  • Common platform - setting a common base software platform on the basis of large systems experience - reducing time spent investigating problems and updating PC software.

  • Knowledge - we get to know all the equipment in the organisation reducing the time to move from investigating the problem to solving the problem.

These are the same benefits that larger organisations receive through having full time IT Professionals.


Depot IT's Consulting rates:

Standard rate Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm $115.00 per hour
Emergency Call out Max 4 hours to be onsite Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm $172.50 per hour
Emergency Call out Max 4 hours to be onsite - All other times $230.00 per hour

Please contact us for a quote tailored to your needs.

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Web Site Design

We can build your Web site from the ground up. Whether you are looking for a corporate online presence or a personal home page.

  • We start with Content, which you provide. This can be pictures, newsletters, reports, graphs, bulletins, press releases, brochures and catalogues.

  • Then we plan the Structure of the site. Each site is unique yet there should always be clear navigation pathways so your visitors don't get lost. The simpler the better. The Design should be eye-pleasing with graphic elements that create a look and feel on your site that caters to your needs and tastes, and target market.

  • Once the foundations are laid Construction begins where we go through the steps of building each page adding text, pictures and lighting.  We keep you informed of our progress through this process and can allow you to preview your site on our servers before it is ever made live on your domain name. When the project is complete it is uploaded to our servers for hosting where it is available for the whole world to see. It is important to remember that your site will not appear the same on all computers and that the more ornate your site is the longer it takes to download.

  • The final stage is the ongoing Maintenance of your site. Your web site should grow as your business expands and diversifies. We are familiar with the process of registering sites with search engines and can advise you of what changes to make to your site to help boost your ranking. 

  • Another service we offer is the integration of a database into your web site. This allows for the provision of large amounts of information to your visitors in an appealing environment and the collection of information from visitors, through the use of forms.

As each Web Site is a unique project pricing can vary. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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For more information about any of Depot IT's services please contact us.